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Update 43: Modding & Community Competition

Dear Backers,

It’s been an exciting experience releasing the game on Steam Early Access (Beta) and we’re happy with all the feedback, suggestions and bug reports people have taken the time to fill in. We’re going through ALL of them and are making a summary on the forums after bigger updates to give users a better overview of how the game is progressing, what’s missing and what bugs there are currently crawling around on the island of San Hermanos.

JAF – Logitech Modding Competitions

Starting today, and with the support of Logitech, we are proud to announce two competitions to participate in and win awesome Logitech hardware, together with the chance to become immortalized in the game!

As a cornerstone of our development strategy and promise to our Kickstarter backers, we are continuing to create Jagged Alliance: Flashback with the help and support of our great community!

There are two ways to win great prizes: a level design and item design competition. For the level design competition, build and submit your own version of the military base “Krasnodar-82” with the level editor available. 

In order to enter the item design competition, you simply need to create an icon, write a few lines of text and come up with a funny and/or useless item for your Mercs to discover and carry along. More detailed information on each competition can be found below.

The winners in both competitions will get credited in the game, and their creations are going to be part of the final game.

The level design competition is targeted at modders and level designers that own the game, whereas the item design competition is accessible to anyone. Both competitions start today, and will end in two weeks, on the 03.07.2014 at 12:00 CET. Details on each competition can be found below!

Competition Rules & Details

If you wish to participate in the JAF & Logitech modding competition, make sure you have carefully read the official competition rules:

  • the winners will be picked by the Jagged Alliance: Flashback development team
  • the winners will be contacted via the email they submitted their entry with the competitions begins with the publication of these rules and ends on July 3rd at 12:00 CET 
  • the hardware prizes will be delivered to the winners by mail 
  • the prize may not be transferred to other individuals 
  • the information provided by the winner will only be used to deliver the prizes by the participating delivery companies. The information will be handled with care and won’t be shared with third parties that are not immediately involved in the delivery of the prizes 
  • all decisions are final and not subject to legal appeal. Any recourse to courts of law is excluded

Item Design Competition

What does a coconut, Da Honko cereals and a platinum watch have in common? These are all fluff items that can be discovered and picked-up by players in Jagged Alliance games. These items are an important part of the series, as they add a lot to the unique atmosphere of the games – the same in Jagged Alliance: Flashback! 

Now you can become part of the game with your Item Icon, item name & description, all while winning great gaming hardware from Logitech. Simply send your name and item description to competition@fullcontrol.dk The length of the description should not exceed 200 characters (incl. spaces).

Example Items:

Name: Platinum Watch 
Description: "Tell time in style with this designer watch featuring a quartz crystal, swiss movement and 4 microns of beautiful platinum plating."

Name: Coconut 
Description: “Unbreakable....without the right tools. Native to San Hermanos”

Example Icons:

Only added a link to the full sized cereal box


Source files are made in 512x512 and then scaled down inside Unity. You don't need to worry about details or some brush-strokes being off as long as the icon looks cool at half-size(256x256).

When we make these we have to be very quick, so we use photos for reference and sometimes even as a base for the actual icon. You can either snap photos yourself or grab from Internet(ex. Google). However, it's very important that the photos you find are free for commercial use! Also don't use existing brand names.  

Use the existing icons as a reference for the art style.

Level Design Competition

Design a level/sector and have the chance to become a level designer on Jagged Alliance: Flashback! The winning sector will be part of the final game.There are a few rules that one must follow in order to compete:

  • The sector size should be maximum 100x100.
  • It should be in playable condition when the deadline is met.
  • There must be a dirt road from East to West
  • The Coastline has to be to the South.
  • Submit your mod to competition@fullcontrol.dk in a *.zip folder. Uploading to Steam workshop is optional.

Getting Started:

We have spent some time creating a Modding Guide, which is live on the Steam Community Hub.

To support this competition we've also created several modding videos to make it easier for users to get started. They have also been added to the guide. 


Back Story 

Krasnodar -82. This base was established during the cold war era by the Soviets under permission from Salvador Primo, aka The Prince, the communist leader of San Hermanos. The base was abandoned by the Soviets after the cold war but is now used by The Prince as an important strategic point, dealing with the ongoing uprising against the regime. This base holds ammunition, weapons and transports for the military, along with living quarters for the soldiers.

Level design guidelines 

Due to its location on the strategic map there are 3 ways to attack this base. The following guidelines will give extra points if followed: 

  •  Attacking this base from the East should be really difficult. E.g. a bridge as a choke point. 
  • Coming from the North is limited in ways of approach but should be easier than coming from the east. 
  • The West side provides more cover and should be the easiest way to take this base. 
  •  As long as you follow the rules, feel free to move things around. Don’t blind yourself by looking at the sketch for too long and blocking your creativity. 


To know what way North is press the Green Y axis in the top right corner in your scene. Then you will see your sector from top where north is Up. 

We cen't rotate the level afterwards, so it's important tha you make the sector facing the right way. 

Prizes from Logitech: 

Gaming Mouse

Wireless Headset 

Item Competition:

First place: 1 Wireless Headset + Get your item in the game 
Second place: 1 Gaming Mouse + Get your item in the game 
Third place: Get your item in the game 

Level Design Competition: 

First place: 1 Wireless Headset + 1 Gaming Mouse + Sector in the game 
Second place: 1 Wireless Headset 
Third place:1 Gaming Mouse 

Until next time! 

The Full Control JAF Team 

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Update 42: JAF live on Steam Early Access

Dear Backers,

We would like to announce that we are now officially live on Steam Early Access!!

A big thanks to all of you for helping us get to this point, we are looking forward to your reactions as well as all of the feedback, suggestions and input you may have.

To start off the early access with a blast, we decided to make a kickass trailer in the spirit of the old games, to give both old and upcoming fans of the franchise a taste of the 80’s action themed atmosphere.

Early Access Trailer

Let there be no doubt, we really want to add both cheesy, odd and humorous elements to this game.

Here's the link for the Steam Store Page

Roadmap for Early Access

What is currently in?

  • The combat system (although not completely finished yet)
  • Quite a few sectors and mercenaries which are waiting for you 
  • Some quests are in there as well 
  • Daylight/Night cycle slightly influencing line of sight
  • Full features professional map editor and modable games + Steamworkshop integration
  • Probably lots of bugs we didn’t discover yet 

What will follow? 

That’s a tricky question. A lot would be the quick answer. We plan to have regular updates where we expand the world and the number of mercenaries. But these are “just” content updates. And as every true Jagged fan knows, content isn’t everything. Anyways: Expect such smaller updates more often. But don’t expect them to have lots of new features. Cause features will be added in far less often but much bigger updates. 

Please keep in mind that the following list is not a list of promised features, but a list of what we want to add to the game. If we find that something on the list doesn’t fit like expected it will, it won’t go in. It may be added at a later point, but we have to prioritize our efforts. 

The next big updated is scheduled for the very end of June, and is planned to include more advanced combat with more weapon classes, different ammo types and interrupts. Furthermore, we are itching to finally include grenades, explosions and destructible environments, as well as giving the strategic map more gameplay weight in regards to resource management. 

Milestone Update 1 

  • Advanced Combat (Weapon classes, Ammo types & reloading, Interrupts) 
  • Explosions & Destructible Environment 
  • Throwables & Grenades 
  • Resource Management on Strategic Layer 

Milestone Update 2 

  • Stealth (Concealment, Skill, Hearing) 
  • Melee combat 
  • Conquering Sectors & Militia 

Milestone Update 3 

  • Advanced Characters (Perks, Morale, Breath, Medial & Mechanics) 
  • Doors (Lockpicking, Breaching, Interaction) 
  • Mercenary tasks out of combat (Train militia, repair, healing,...) 

Milestone Update 4 

  • Advanced Enemies (Classes, Grenades, AI) 
  • Additional Equipment (Attachments, Goggles,...) 
  • Sector Upgrades 

Side note to NPC names 

Currently the NPC and Enemy names you have submitted are added to the EA in one pool, which means that there can be instances where a male NPC ends up having a female name. We’re also still missing a lot of responses, primarily from Paypallers, which will be added at a later point. Additional coding is needed to separate the genders in the game as well as code to make sure that not all random NPC take names from the backer pool. - Would ruin the game if all NPCs on the island were people who didn’t really fit the setting. 

Early Access Keys 

Right after this Kickstarter update, we’ll be sending out the keys for (Beta) Backers, which are backers in Tier $75+ and backers who paid for the beta upgrade, ($25-$65) + 20)). There are a lot of backers and it’s easy to miss one or two on the list, so please contact us at support@fullcontrol.dk if you think that is the case. 

By taking away the shop, we also removed the option of adding extra funds on top of backer’s original pledges to get access to Steam Early Access. We thought that was a shame, so we’re currently looking into a way of allowing backers to do so. It will most likely be by sending out keys for Steam, which are then redeemable for a discount coupon for the game. The coupon will only be valid throughout the Early Access phase. 

Final Surveys 

Now that the store on our site is closed down, we’ll finally be able to finalize the tiers for Humble Bundle. Additionally, we will also be able to send out the rest of the surveys, which is mainly for Paypallers at this point. We apologize for this to be taking so long, but other tasks have taken priority up until this point. 

Until Next Time 

The JAF Team

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Update 41: Editor Rundown & Early Access Info

Dear Backers,

We are now halfway through the alpha phase and we have already learned a lot from all the feedback we have been getting through the game as well as on the forums. We recently updated the alpha and are now moving into phase two where we are introducing the editor, so the modders and alpha backers will have a chance to play around with the game a bit before the Early Access version is live.

If you have missed the info from the recent alpha update, you can find the info HERE 

Editor Rundown 

To make it easier for users to use the editor in this early state we have decided to create a video guide to get people started. 

Jagged Alliance: Flashback Editor How-to


The editor will continue to be developed throughout the Early Access Phase and we plan to integrate it into Steam Workshop. We plan on hosting some competitions where users get a chance to use the editor to make something for the game, but more on that later. 

We also created a written how-to guide for the editor, which will be added to the JAF forum after making this update live

To get the editor simply use THIS NEW LINK. Please note that you can only use the levels you create if you have a version of the game, which means the alpha backers at this point. 


Steam Early Access Info 

As you all know Jagged Alliance: Flashback will be going on Steam Early Access in mid/late May, but so far we haven’t shared a whole lot of details of what is to come. 

For the Early Access version we want to create a cool experience for the users and give them a taste of what the game has to offer. We are trying to get as many of the core elements in the Early Access version as possible as well as show off some well polished environments and interesting sectors. 

We will be continuing to develop the game throughout the Early Access Phase and we plan on making 2-3 major updates that will add additional features and content to the game, besides steadily increasing the gameworld and content. 

We hope a lot people will be using the editor from Early Access launch and we are really looking forward to what people will do with it. Modding is the reason why the franchise still has a huge following and maybe also the reason why there’s still a genuine interest for this game. 

Shop closing down

It has not been easy to keep track of 7,500 backers, especially with paypal, late tier upgrades and people forgetting to change to the right tier after changing the amount. As we are going onto Steam Early Access, we will be closing down the shop on our website, which means that if you want to grab a boxed copy or the collectors edition this is the time to do so.

Link to the Shop 

We are also doing this because we need to finalize the Kickstarter and PayPal lists so that Humble Bundle can upgrade people from the current tier 5 to their appropriate tier. We're getting closer, but there's still a some data that we need to get. 

Late Easter Egg

We wanted to end this update with a good laugh, so we are delighted to be share the news that there will be chickens in the game, which have apparently mutated and eaten half the population on the island :)

Until Next Time!

The Full Control JAF Team

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Update 40: Closed Alpha, New Logo and Steam Early Access

Today we would like to announce that Jagged Alliance: Flashback is officially in Closed Alpha, which means that backers at $250 Tier and above, as well as backers who paid for the Alpha as an add-on, will get access to the game. We will launch with a Windows version and then make a Mac and Linux version over the next days.

We have chosen to run the Alpha on Steam, as this is the least time consuming approach for us, leaving us more time to develop the game. For the Alpha we will be sending out the keys through email, so keep an eye out for mails from Full Control. If you haven’t received a key please check your spam filters before contacting support@fullcontrol.dk. We will start sending out keys manually once we have everything setup on Steam sometime today.

As an added bonus, Alpha backers and Modders will gain access to the level editor sometime next week, which means they will be able to get a first look of the “engine behind the hood”. We are focusing heavily on moddability for JAF as we think this is what has been keeping the old games alive for all these years. 

Alpha, Beta and Early Access Clarification

For those of you who haven’t seen that we are going on Early Access on Steam in Q2 2014, we would just like to officially state it here and also clarify what it means for the Alpha, Beta and Early Access backers we have on the Kickstarter. 

When we ran the Kickstarter back in April 2013 we had no idea we would be going on early access on Steam or if we would hit our funding goal, which is why we ended up with Alpha, Beta and Early Access. It was communicated back then that Early Access was a Head Start to play the final version of the game minimum 1 week before everyone else. This is still the case, but to make sure there’s no confusion we have chosen to change the setup to. Alpha, Steam Early Access and Head Start. 

As explained in the part about Alpha, we chose to go with Steam as it leaves more time for us to develop the game, facilitates community involvement and also makes the game visible to potential new supporters of the game. We will go on Steam Early Access with a price point of $45, which is the same as the base game + Beta as an add-on. 

The community hub will first be made available for Steam Early Access. 

New Logo 

We have been considering changing the logo for a while, as a lot have changed for the game story wise. With the release of the Alpha version, it feels like the perfect time to make the change. Our concept artist Jesper, who made the first logo, got the task once more and after many iterations and a lot of discussion within the team, we ended up with this: 

Dev Diary 3: Explosions

Since it’s not everybody who has access to the Alpha, we decided to make Dev Diary, that shows off the Alpha and explains what is currently possible and what is to be implemented, in broad terms. 

Dev Diary 3

New Shop Options 

We have updated the shop on our website, so it is now possible to upgrade to alpha for $40. Furthermore, we have added a digital deluxe edition for late comers priced at $80. You can find more info on the shop page HERE. 

Until next time! 

The Full Control JAF Team

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Update 39: Dev Diary 2, First Playable and Merc Competition Winner

Dear Backers,

It’s update time again and we are looking forward to sharing news on the progress we have been making on JAF, so let's get to it!

First playable

We have made a first playable version of the game, which means that we have a sector in which we can have mercenaries walk around in, so very basic. However, this means that we’re closing in on opening up for the alpha backers within the next few weeks. We plan on releasing small slices of the for alpha backers once they’re ready, so we can get feedback as soon as possible. You can see glimpses from the first playable and get bit more info on the alpha in the dev diary.

Next Batch of Surveys

As we need to make sure which backers have access to the alpha version of the game we’ll be sending out the next batch of surveys soon, which will go up to the $220 tier as the $250 tier and above automatically get access to the alpha version. Please respond to the surveys as fast as possible so we can get a clear overview :). Thanks!

Dev Diary 2

We have created a new dev diary for you! This time around we wanted to give you a small glimpse behind the scenes. Similar to how we do it with the rest of the team internally, we casually share some of things we were working on. Hope you enjoy what you see! Bear in mind that all footage from the game is still pre-alpha, and does not represent the final quality - we are also still working on improving our movie making skills as we go along with the production. 


Since the internet in the new offices is going to be a lot faster, we will be looking into the possibility of making Live Team Streams as we really like the concept and think it's a good way to connect with the community.

Mercenary Competition Winner

671 backers chose to vote for their favourite mercenary and you can see the result below:  

Congratulations to ccohen33, who submitted the Elodie “Fléchette” Neuville. We are looking forward to give the knitting mercenary a place on San Hermanos. We will do our best to get as much of the content submitted integrated in the game. Thanks to all the backers who submitted Mercenaries - it was a great read!

Wallpaper Girl  

Our concept artist Jesper recently createda wallpaper version of a poster he made to be used inside the game. Since not all backers are on twitter and facebook we decided to add it to the update as well. It was made for fun, and the resulting wallpaper is pretty cheesy and tongue-in-cheek. We think our concept Artist Jesper really liked the task...

If you don't want to miss some of the content we share along the way then follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page.

Until next time!  

The Fullcontrol JAF Team

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Side Dish

Steam Early Access (Beta)

Jagged Alliance: Flashback is now live on Steam Early Access, which is basically our beta stage. 
For more info check out the Steam Store Page

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