Welcome to the new and official Jagged Alliance: Flashback site!

On the site you’ll be be able to find various news about the game, discuss certain aspects of the game in the forums and see video clips like dev diaries or timelapse showcases once we get further into development.


Update 40: Closed Alpha, New Logo and Steam Early Access

Today we would like to announce that Jagged Alliance: Flashback is officially in Closed Alpha, which means that backers at $250 Tier and above, as well as backers who paid for the Alpha as an add-on, will get access to the game. We will launch with a Windows version and then make a Mac and Linux version over the next days.

We have chosen to run the Alpha on Steam, as this is the least time consuming approach for us, leaving us more time to develop the game. For the Alpha we will be sending out the keys through email, so keep an eye out for mails from Full Control. If you haven’t received a key please check your spam filters before contacting support@fullcontrol.dk. We will start sending out keys manually once we have everything setup on Steam sometime today.

As an added bonus, Alpha backers and Modders will gain access to the level editor sometime next week, which means they will be able to get a first look of the “engine behind the hood”. We are focusing heavily on moddability for JAF as we think this is what has been keeping the old games alive for all these years. 

Alpha, Beta and Early Access Clarification

For those of you who haven’t seen that we are going on Early Access on Steam in Q2 2014, we would just like to officially state it here and also clarify what it means for the Alpha, Beta and Early Access backers we have on the Kickstarter. 

When we ran the Kickstarter back in April 2013 we had no idea we would be going on early access on Steam or if we would hit our funding goal, which is why we ended up with Alpha, Beta and Early Access. It was communicated back then that Early Access was a Head Start to play the final version of the game minimum 1 week before everyone else. This is still the case, but to make sure there’s no confusion we have chosen to change the setup to. Alpha, Steam Early Access and Head Start. 

As explained in the part about Alpha, we chose to go with Steam as it leaves more time for us to develop the game, facilitates community involvement and also makes the game visible to potential new supporters of the game. We will go on Steam Early Access with a price point of $45, which is the same as the base game + Beta as an add-on. 

The community hub will first be made available for Steam Early Access. 

New Logo 

We have been considering changing the logo for a while, as a lot have changed for the game story wise. With the release of the Alpha version, it feels like the perfect time to make the change. Our concept artist Jesper, who made the first logo, got the task once more and after many iterations and a lot of discussion within the team, we ended up with this: 

Dev Diary 3: Explosions

Since it’s not everybody who has access to the Alpha, we decided to make Dev Diary, that shows off the Alpha and explains what is currently possible and what is to be implemented, in broad terms. 

Dev Diary 3

New Shop Options 

We have updated the shop on our website, so it is now possible to upgrade to alpha for $40. Furthermore, we have added a digital deluxe edition for late comers priced at $80. You can find more info on the shop page HERE. 

Until next time! 

The Full Control JAF Team

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Alpha and Update 40 almost good to go...and a New Logo

I'm writing here to give you a heads up on what is to come. We will be announcing news on the Alpha, Beta and the Early Access setup we have for the Kickstarter as well as share a Dev Diary with some coverage of the alpha. 

We have decided to create a new logo, more details on that in the Kickstarter update, but I've added it to this post.

Looking forward to sharing the full information tomorrow

I guess this also sheds some light on what's to come :)

Rock Paper Shotgun Interview

GameStar interview (German)


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Update 39: Dev Diary 2, First Playable and Merc Competition Winner

Dear Backers,

It’s update time again and we are looking forward to sharing news on the progress we have been making on JAF, so let's get to it!

First playable

We have made a first playable version of the game, which means that we have a sector in which we can have mercenaries walk around in, so very basic. However, this means that we’re closing in on opening up for the alpha backers within the next few weeks. We plan on releasing small slices of the for alpha backers once they’re ready, so we can get feedback as soon as possible. You can see glimpses from the first playable and get bit more info on the alpha in the dev diary.

Next Batch of Surveys

As we need to make sure which backers have access to the alpha version of the game we’ll be sending out the next batch of surveys soon, which will go up to the $220 tier as the $250 tier and above automatically get access to the alpha version. Please respond to the surveys as fast as possible so we can get a clear overview :). Thanks!

Dev Diary 2

We have created a new dev diary for you! This time around we wanted to give you a small glimpse behind the scenes. Similar to how we do it with the rest of the team internally, we casually share some of things we were working on. Hope you enjoy what you see! Bear in mind that all footage from the game is still pre-alpha, and does not represent the final quality - we are also still working on improving our movie making skills as we go along with the production. 


Since the internet in the new offices is going to be a lot faster, we will be looking into the possibility of making Live Team Streams as we really like the concept and think it's a good way to connect with the community.

Mercenary Competition Winner

671 backers chose to vote for their favourite mercenary and you can see the result below:  

Congratulations to ccohen33, who submitted the Elodie “Fléchette” Neuville. We are looking forward to give the knitting mercenary a place on San Hermanos. We will do our best to get as much of the content submitted integrated in the game. Thanks to all the backers who submitted Mercenaries - it was a great read!

Wallpaper Girl  

Our concept artist Jesper recently createda wallpaper version of a poster he made to be used inside the game. Since not all backers are on twitter and facebook we decided to add it to the update as well. It was made for fun, and the resulting wallpaper is pretty cheesy and tongue-in-cheek. We think our concept Artist Jesper really liked the task...

If you don't want to miss some of the content we share along the way then follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page.

Until next time!  

The Fullcontrol JAF Team

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Update 38: Competition Follow-Up and Editor Sneak Peek

Dear Backers, 

We hope you have all enjoyed the Holidays and are having a blast in 2014 so far. The JAF team got a chance to recharge their batteries and we are now back to full strength. The art team is continuing to work on the first playable sector, which we are looking forward to complete very soon. 

We posted a screenshot with some of the final assets in the first sector right before the Holidays and we have been getting a lot of feedback on both Facebook and our forum. Thank you for all your input! We are happy with the responses and will continue down the path we have chosen, constantly tweaking it to “perfection” based on feedback from the community and discussions within the JAF Team. 

If any of you missed the screenshot on the social channels, you can find it HERE as well as see some of the feedback from other backers. It’s still Work in Progress but we’re getting closer and closer to a result that we’re all happy with. 

Flag Competition 

As you all know we started a flag competition before the Holidays in search of the official flag of San Hermanos. We got some pretty cool entries and it was hard to pick a winner. The winner was picked by the JAF Team and we focused on in-game readability, overall design, choice of colours and how well it depicted the History of San Hermanos. 


By Lukas from Germany 

The general idea behind the flag is to tell the story of the 4 Spanish brothers Garcia, Fraco, Sal and Tori Moreno. Guided by stars, they discovered the islands of San Hermanos with their ships in 1499, though only one Garcia survived. After the Spanish withdrawal 1895 - 1909, there was a change in the color scheme into the traditional colors of the natives (green & earth). 

Congratulations to Lukas and a big thanks to all who participated in the competition. It’s really fun for us to get content from the community that ends up in the game. A lot of contestants decided to make up to 7 variations of their flag and even up to 5 different flags. We thought it was a good idea to share the flags we received below, for people who sent us multiple flags we picked the ones we thought looked the best. A big THANK YOU to everyone for their effort!

We actually also received flags neatly categorized for different purposes:


Like with the Dialogue Competition we hosted earlier, there’s a possibility that we’ll use some or parts of the flags we received in the game. The team talked about City Flags and maybe Faction Flags, people will get credited if their design is used. 

Mercenary Competition 

We have also had a Mercenary Competition running during the Holidays and we have received a fair amount of entries ranging from serious and professional types to outright crazy and cheesy personalities. A few people missed the fact that JAF takes place pre A.I.M so their merc stories are not totally in line with the game, but they could however be slightly altered. Some people have also filled out way more info about the mercenaries than what was asked for, so we have cut some of it out in order to make a fair comparison. 

It was VERY hard to choose, which is why we’re happy that it’s up to the community to choose the best one. We made our decision based on the quality of the story, how well the taglines fit the game and the personality of the mercenary. It was also important that the story didn’t feel too constructed and that the mercenary had a unique touch, some good reference pictures and descriptions also helped. 

We wanted a bit of variety in the Mercenaries, so our top 5 is a mixed bunch. Click on their names to see the full information and then cast your vote by following the link beneath the list. 

Top 5 

Heinrich “Heini” Sackbauer 
Mac “Mister” Rodgers 
Elodie “Fléchette” Neuville 
Mia “Wrench” Rodrigues 
Patricia "Exec" Sanger-Norton 

The voting will end on February 1st 

We can’t promise that every single detail described will be in there as some may require additional programming or animations, but we will do our best to get as much in there as possible. As with the other competitions we may decide to use some of the material we get in the game and credit the people who have contributed. 

Editor Sneak Peek 

Since the end of our Kickstarter the editor has been a hot topic and backers wanted to know more about modding, so therefore we have decided to share a first glimpse of our internal level editor in action with the community. Our Level Designer, Filip Pilebo, gave it a quick run through, see below: 


Just to clarify, the editor runs as an extension to the Unity game engine (http://unity3d.com/), therefore you need to install Unity in order to use the Jagged Alliance: Flashback level editor. The basic version of Unity is free, so basically all you need to make sure to have is a copy of the game and Unity installed to create your own sectors. You will be able to export your custom levels from the editor and play them within the game itself. 

This is just the first step and we will keep adding more stuff to the editor along the way as well as new and useful tools. We will do a follow up on the progress at a later point and share more detailed information about modding possibilities. 

Until next time! 

The Fullcontrol JAF Team

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A pre-alpha screenshot of the first sector

As promised we wanted to bring you a screenshot of the first playable sector with final assets :) 

We hope you all love the way it looks so far and we look forward to bringing you so much more.

Marry Christmas from the JAF Team! 



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Time lapse of blocking out the vertical slice sector

We wanted to share a bit from behind the scenes and therefore we made a timelapse video of the block out of the vertical slice. 

It's still very much work in progress and the models used at this point are place holders. It's like a 3D concept a sort of collaboration between level design and art. The aim is to set the camera distance, choose insertion points and sector size, to test the height and size of place holders and modualar pieces and get an overall feel for sector. 



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