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Björn 05-04-2014, 18:16 CET

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Alpha Update Thread


This is the official Update Thread where we will keep you updated with the changelogs whenever we update the available version.

While making the 0.12 version we've also been wokring on a quest system and dialogue system that is still not implemented. First versiones live are Win and Mac for this version.

Alpha v 0.1.2

- New Strategic layout WIP (most of it not functional yet)

- Doubleclick squad on the strategic map to deploy

- Time-based strategic map movement and movement feedback

- Better looking pathlines and movement boundary outlines

- Increased bullet speed

- Decreased miss radius

- Added shader to highlight units hidden behind objects

- Reworked bloodsplatter impact system to work on all surfaces now

- Reworked run & crouch animations and animation handling

- Fixes to animation system

- Tweaked 3D UI objects height

- Fixed the visibility to be rechecked when unit changes stance

- Fixed multiple hits to be in the order of bullet flight

- New movement redirect logic

- Decals and blood splatters are now destroyed properly when the level is unloaded

- Fixes in cover logic

- Mission loading performance improved

- Added 3D GUI for showing cover against enemies in line of sight, from hovered location

- Small changes to existing GUI to make information placements more consistent and intuitive

- StrategicMap_Def.json now supports a “levelPath” string for loading alternative sectors (still requires that sector to be in the same folder or a subfolder to Levels)

- Movement on strategic map no longer affected by screen size. (It’s also faster)

- Units are no longer selected by their tile, but by their model

- Fixed wrong bullet spawn point

- Reduced waiting time for animations

- Sped up several  animations.

- Now supports character color and body-part modding via Units.json

- Fixed some of the keyboard shortcuts to work in UI mode

- Fixed the bug with dead units keeping spot you

- Added highlighting to units when hovering them with mouse

- Brand new crosshair cursor!

- Flies! The new butterflies.

- Updates to input controller in regards to GUI. (Eg. Camera can be moved while hovering GUI)


Alpha v0.1.1 Changelog

- Pressing escape doesn’t quit the game anymore

- Removed debug steam overlay buttons

- Moving camera to enemy unit when he starts movement

- Death bug fixed; there is now blood and physics applied properly

- Selection 3D objects tweaks

- Moved merc spawn points slightly in sectors c13 and c14

- Rimlight increase to make characters a bit more visible

- Changing stance during movement no longer freezes the merc

- Controls screen: added info on how to rotate the camera

- Turning more than 90 degrees now handled properly

- Changes on minimap colors when unit is selected

- Fixed the visibility calculation when changing stances

- Added helpful button to return you to Strategic Map when sector is clear

- Double clicking your squad on the strategic map deploys to that sector

- Strategic map should resize properly first time

- Added a “surprise” when you beat the game

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Thomas Lund 09-04-2014, 07:55 CET

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Mac version is now up. Steam had an issue in their configuration, and that is fixed now. Linux up soon as well (unless we have same problem once again)

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